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I’ve painted most of my life, as a hobby, mainly abstract or abstraction of  landscapes, primarily in oils, but  over the last couple of years in acrylics.


I’ve worked as a clinical psychologist and am now ‘semi-retired’. The painters I like are Patrick Heron, Ivor Hitchin, Rose & Roger Hilton, Matisse, Bonnard etc.


 I’ve been on many short courses, particularly St Ives School of Painting, but have never been to art college. I like colour, paint, mark making, seeing the under-paint, the spaces between and what lies beneath.


A good painting for me is simply something I enjoy looking at. The act of painting feels like a high wire act,  sometimes the painting  works,  often it’s frustration and  disappointment, but there is the pull back, the challenge of trying again and creating something out of nothing.  


I’ve previously exhibited in the Whiteknights Studio Trail in Reading.

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