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I am a local artist based close to Mays Farm.  I have always loved the arts, having had a background in classical music and been a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Through my ex-husband who was a serious art collector, I was introduced to some wonderful contemporary art and artists, one of whom was Euan Uglow. Euan asked me to sit for him which was a very interesting and daunting experience.


Painting for myself came relatively late on in life – starting in the 1980s with  a series of watercolours on a trip to France. 


In 2015 I joined the (now closed) JoeDaisy studio where I was taught by Caroline Hulse and her daughter Cat Croxford. I gradually moved into abstract painting and started using multi media and collage through the online, inspirational teaching of Louise Fletcher. She encourages us to find joy in our work and not to seek approval from others. 


I am very fortunate to paint with colleagues from Mays Farm Studio who are always supportive and inspiring. 

My current fascination is with collage and I’m always experimenting with new ways of working with mixed media.

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