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Jenny Green

My passion for interior design and colour led me to an exploration into abstract painting.

Over time my inspiration for painting has become more focused exploring harbours, buildings and woodlands. Increasingly, I am interested in form and structure using composition and colour to paint semi abstracted landscapes. Time has seen my paintings evolve and change in process, style and focus.


Currently my work involves collage mostly painted by myself with painting over many layers. Semi-realism has become more and more important to me, hopefully allowing the viewer to feel a connection to a place or time in their own life.

However, abstraction is always in mind with my work being paired back in detail and often using a restricted palette.

I have exhibited at numerous art fairs across the country from Sandown Racecourse to Norwich and Harrogate, The Old Fire Station in Henley and currently have paintings at The Stable Dental Practice near Bicester and the Fine Art Consultancy in Hampstead.

I was a Finalist in Teravarna 5th Colour Competition 2023.

Painting is my mindfulness.

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